Humboldt-Insel Berlin

A Paradise for Water Lovers

The Humboldt-Insel lies in the north of Berlin, in the historic district of Tegel. Surrounded by the impressive Tegel Forest and the historic centre of Tegel, the Humboldt-Insel enjoys a prime waterfront position. It is encircled by the Tegel Stream and the Tegel Harbour, which ows into the Tegel Lake at its southern end. The island o ers exclusive waterfront living along a stretch of 600 metres with excellent sports facilities in the immediate neighbourhood – thus combining urban air and a natural paradise in one prime location.

The area and the surrounding waterways have close links with world-famous scientist and traveller, Alexander von Humboldt. The house in which he grew up, Humboldt Castle and the castle park all lie in the immediate vicinity. The Humboldt family served as inspiration for the name of the Humboldt-Insel project. Your future mail address will evoke immediate connotations of the life and works of the von Humboldt brothers.

Your waterside home

The Humboldt-Insel offers exclusive living with luxurious jetties, terraces overlooking the water and spacious rooftop terraces. The connection between water and land has been optimally realised here. The living area of the waterside jetty duplex houses have been extended over the water via a generous expanse of terrace.

The spacious floor layouts with ceiling heights of up to 3 metres offer plenty of space for individual living in harmony with the waterways outside. The closeness to nature is further underscored by floor-to-ceiling glass frontages overlooking the water.

The underlying idea was to draw a connecting line between the gently rippling stream and the biotope that connects the site with the centre of Tegel. “The development was designed to draw together the di erent aspects of the island.” (Baumhauer Architects)

The innovative energy concept with its own block heating works and electromobility offers a coherent response to the latest requirements for energy-efficient building. 9


Floating Houses

The large floor-to-ceiling window front gives you an unrestricted vista of the water from your bedroom in the morning and of the starry sky at night. A jetty construction runs right around the house, providing private mooring for boats of up to 10 metres – making the maritime flair complete.

Jetty Duplex Houses

The jetty duplex houses are named for their exceptional situation right at the water’s edge. The architectural design leaves enough flexibility for all your individual wishes. The studio on the spacious top floor can be redesigned as a separate guest space. Future homeowners can moor their 10-metre yacht off their own terrace, and so enter their living room from their own private jetty.

Duplex Apartments

These duplex houses have been generously and flexibly designed with a penthouse and two maisonette apartments apiece. The total floor area is approx. 115 – 160 m2. Luxurious terraces offer up to approx. 40 m2 of exclusive free space and a glorious view of the harbour. The houses all have their own lift and in some cases, direct access to the underground car park.

Waterfront Living

These houses are built directly at the water’s edge with great views of the Tegel Lake and harbour. Their terraces project over the water like large jetties. The total floor area of the jetty duplex houses is approx. 210 m2, with a generous expanse of terrace suspended over the water, as well as large rooftop terraces.

Town Villas

These town villas offer sophisticated apartment living with total floor areas of approx. 63 m2 to 176 m2. On the ground floor, generously sized terraces lead directly into the park-like landscaped gardens of the island, whereas top floor residents can enjoy imposing rooftop terraces. All apartments have a terrace or balcony, and several of them have views of the water.