Humboldt-Insel Berlin

A paradise for water lovers

Surrounded by the impressive Tegel Forest and the historic centre of Tegel, the Humboldt-Insel enjoys a prime waterfront position. It is encircled by the Tegel Stream and the Tegel Harbour, which ows into the Tegel Lake at its southern end. The island o ers exclusive waterfront living along a stretch of 600 metres with excellent sports facilities in the immediate neighbourhood – thus combining urban air and a natural paradise in one prime location.

The area and the surrounding waterways have close links with world-famous scientist and traveller, Alexander von Humboldt. The house in which he grew up, Humboldt Castle and the castle park all lie in the immediate vicinity. The Humboldt family served as inspiration for the name of the Humboldt-Insel project. Your future mail address will evoke immediate connotations of the life and works of the von Humboldt brothers.