Jetty Duplex Houses

Living right on the water

Total floor area approx. 210 m² | 5 rooms | maisonette | over 80 m² terraces | private mooring on jetty terrace

These houses are built directly at the water’s edge with great views of the Tegel Lake and harbour. Their terraces project over the water like large jetties. The total floor area of the jetty duplex houses is approx. 210 m², with a generous expanse of terrace suspended over the water, as well as large rooftop terraces.

The jetty duplex houses are named for their exceptional situation right at the water’s edge. The architectural design leaves enough flexibility for all your individual wishes. The studio on the spacious top floor can be redesigned as a separate guest space. Future homeowners can moor their 10-metre yacht off their own terrace, and so enter their living room from their own private jetty.